I am back

So after a year long break, I finally came here to start my journey. I thought to start blogging after getting the recommendation from friends that writing a blog would enhance my writing skill.

To tell you the truth, my writing skill was pathetic a year back. It is still not as good as it is supposed to be, but now it is somewhat good. A year back, I was introduced to http://Quora.com. It is a Q&A site, so if you ask a question you will get an answer from people. Earlier I was not interested in writing, not even in my native language. I was afraid to write anything. I did not even comment on Quora answers. Now, I am not afraid to write. In the past six months, I have answered close to 80 answers.  My best answer reaches to the maximum of 84 upvotes and 2.6k views.

Now, I will write regularly at least a single post each week. I hope to get feedback from other bloggers.

Enough rant for today.



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